Monday, June 9, 2008

Cleavage, cleavage, everywhere!

I'm confused. It's interesting the various styles that come and go and how they infiltrate the church and Christian women in general. So many styles these days to choose from (actually, I would say NOT many styles to choose from). It used to be the mini skirt that you would see popping up here and there in the church. Now it is the deep plunging neckline. The kind that reveals way too much of how God created a woman. My Honey and I were at several functions over the weekend, some of them, where Christians were attending. I was shocked to see so much cleavage. And not just a little bit, a lot. I'm convinced I'm not just an "old fashioned" gal here. The Bible is very clear on modesty for women. Yet we continue to see Christians touting the styles of the world. I know God looks at our heart and man looks at the outward (I've heard that argument for years). But that is one of the VERY reasons why we should dress modestly - because man DOES look at the outward. What happened to the desire for an outward testimony? I wonder what the average Christian feels that separation means, when we are instructed to "come out from among them be ye separate." I'm not so narrow minded that I try to cram my dress standards down another's throat. Nor do I think Christian women ought to wear gunny sacks, turtle necks in the Summer, skirts to their ankles, etc. But just some simple modesty would be so refreshing. Covering of the breast area and the thighs. Both areas, that when exposed, can cause a man to lust. When I was first saved, my precious Pastor's wife taught me the 4 finger rule. After you are dressed, place your hand at your neckline. If the neckline is lower than your 4 fingers, it is too low. Some even suggest 3 fingers to be more modest.
I came across a couple one liners of how the world flaunts their immodesty: "Cleavage: as if we need a reson"; "Never underestimate the power of cleavage"; and finally, "Cleavage is an accessory." How sad. And what's even sadder is, little girls, adolescents are allowed to wear such revealing tops. Have mercy. Don't their mothers realize the dangers there?
While my daughters were growing up, I taught them to dress, then go look in a full length mirror and ask "Jesus, is this alright with you? Are you pleased with how I look?" Then I said, if you have any doubts whatsoever, don't shrug them off, that's the Holy Spirit. Go change into something more modest.
We actually used that standard for every area of life. Some have given it the moniker "WWJD?"
We taught all 3 of our children to invite the Lord to partake of whatever it is you are doing. Ask him to sit and read your book with you, to watch the TV show with you, to go with you to your destination, to listen to your music with you. If you can't ask Him to do those things with you, then you ought not do them yourself. It's a good reminder that the Lord DOES accompany us in ALL that we do, in the person of the Holy Spirit. I'm afraid He's a bit grieved over what He sees today in the lives of believers. Christians have grown so immune to the things that used to be so shocking years ago. We're losing our "saltiness" by blending in with the world. If I don't have the time to witness to someone for whatever reason, I want them to know even by looking at me, that there is something different about me. Oh how we need to let our lights shine BRIGHTLY in these last days.


Terri said...

I see "it," too, and I just don't get it. I don't know how any Christian can think that such a peek-a-boo show is modest in any way.

Julie said...

My husband and kids ran into this problem too at the Dairy Queen! How sad parents do not seem to take an active roll in keeping their kids safe in this area....too many weirdo's out there!

Julie Fink said...

Immodesty is a refection of an insecure heart. It is sad how fearful and insecure that women are nowadays ~ so much so that they would want to flaunt their "stuff" so that perfect strangers could admire them.

Keep teaching those you know to do right. It does make a difference.

Starr. said...

"Immodesty is a refection of an insecure heart. It is sad how fearful and insecure that women are nowadays"

Boy, that's SO true Julie! Thanks for adding that.

Jen said...

Thank you for being so bold as to post this. I always dread summer for that one reason, the "flesh feast" begins. It seems to be creaping into the colder months more and more. Sometimes I long for the days where head to toe was the only option. We can't hide in a box, but we can be an example!

Insulate not isolate!

Quarlesum said...

HOOOray 4 the truth, PW! I am sooo sick of seeing dames with their udders hanging out. I keep wondering where their self-respect is? But hey, this society for 44 years has been promoting women-as-sluts (no, Feminism, you did NOT improve our lot!!!), so it's not surprising. But it's 100x worse when it's gals who claim to be Xtian.

Blessings from someone who found you by accident (I'm going to be doing a blog caricaturing that type of woman, so that's where this identity came from, LOL!)