Saturday, June 7, 2008

Is it time to go to bed yet?

Wow what a day this has been! I woke up early so I could get over to the church and help my Honey fill packets for our city wide door knocking campaign that we are doing. We have been having 35 - 40 of our precious people show up every week to knock doors in our town! How exciting and thrilling! We have seen new families visit almost every week since we began. The strange thing is, not many of them are results of our door knocking. But they ARE results of obedience! Praise the Lord!
Anyway, I made my visits to my bus kids and ALL of them said they are coming tomorrow. If that is the case, I will be making 2 trips again to get them all to the church in our 15 passenger van. We have another bus route, but they go a different direction and they are full up too. I made 2 trips on Wednesday because we had 30 and I just couldn't squeeze that many in!
I got home from calling and 15 minutes later we were walking out the door to head 45 miles away to Lansing for a 40th wedding anniversary celebration. It was a missionary couple that we support. Actually it was the lady that I received a call from on my cell that morning when I asked her about needing toilet paper. That story is in a previous post. My daughter Sarah, made the cake for their party, but she had to work, so I was volunteered to cut the cake and serve it. I didn't mind, they are precious people.
We left there and drove home long enough to take a couple Ibuprofen for the headaches that were setting in and ran back out the door to an open house of one of our young people that graduated from our academy last Sunday night. Ashley is a sweet girl and has grown up here in this church. She'll be leaving for Bible college this Fall.
We came home from that, long enough for me to finish up the last few items on our Sunday bulletin - I don't believe in "boring" bulletins - haha. Then we headed out for a piano recital of 2 or our young ladies in the church. They did an amazing job. But 1 1/2 hrs into the recital (after they had already played their pieces) I turned to my Honey and pleaded, "Can we please go now?" I could feel myself sinking and I knew I still needed to copy and fold the bulletin before I could call it a night.
I was finally able to kick my shoes off my swollen feet and call it a night! But I was so determined to try a new recipe, that I just had to whip that up before I got jammies on and headed off to bed. It's called French Toast Casserole and you can find it on my cooking blog here:
Now I sit here posting on my blogs, trying to update them a bit. I am really LOVING my new cooking blog. I'm going to like filling that one in a LOT. I plan to have pages dedicated just to Summer camp menus and shopping, pages for my catered events and hopefully some pages for weekly menu plans. I love anything to do with food - you'd think I'd weigh a ton as much as I talk about it and cook it!
I'm looking forward to tomorrow - the Lord's day. It's supposed to be a cool 90 degrees tomorrow. That means the church van will smell like kid's head sweat! haha That's OK, I love em! The AC doesn't work in the van. Last year in the hottest part of the Summer, I got the bright idea that I might be able to stay cool if I used my "chillow" to sit on. So I filled it with water, put it in the fridge to get it nice and cold, put it on my seat and pulled out on my route. Half way through the route I realized it was leaking on my skirt! Then I thought, "OF COURSE! It's mean't to lay your head on, not sit all your bulk on!" Oh well... another bright idea gone by the wayside! It'll be a hot ride tomorrow, but onward, upward!

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