Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I will be so glad when this election is over! I am SO tired of the constant babble about it! There is a lot of hatred and anger out there, being generated by the media, the politicians, and lots of other people in leadership, including teachers and parents. It's gotten so bad, that tonight on my bus route (I drive a bus route for our Wednesday night children's program) one of the little girls, about age 8 or 9, was just ranting and raving about McCain and how if he gets into office she is going to pray that he dies, and if he does she will do an evil laugh. Then she went on to say that people are lying about Obama, saying that he lets people kill babies. Obviously she is not old enough yet to understand the vileness of abortion - especially the heated debate over live birth abortion (if you've not seen any footage on this yet, it will sicken you when you do). The first time I heard of it, I wept and then I couldn't sleep that night. How does God hold back His hand of judgement on people that do such things? Anyway, I digress....
I was shocked to hear such hatred coming from such a young girl. A girl whose only concern should be what color of socks she is going to wear to school tomorrow, or how far her Mom will let her ride her bike today. What happened to the innocence of childhood? Sadly, in this little girl's life, it's been tainted by some hateful talk she's overheard in her home.
I made her stop talking like that and urged her to not think about it or talk about it like that. I told her little girls like her shouldn't be worrying about politics, let the adults handle it. Little ones don't need such stress and worry in their lives. It was so sad, it just broke my heart for her.
I asked my bus worker (a teen in the public schools here) if there was a lot of talk about the election in the high school and she said, "OH YES! And I'm so sick of it! The kids aren't even old enough to vote or have any say in it, but they insist on talking about it and choosing political sides. Some of them are really hateful about it."
I am just so tired of all the mud slinging TV ads, newspaper articles, billboards, bumper stickers, yard signs, etc.... I don't even watch the debates, because you know BOTH of them speak out of both sides of their mouth! Oh I plan to vote - you can count on that!
I don't know who will be voted in on Nov. 4 though, but you know what, whoever it is, God is still in control and like it or not, we'll get the leader we deserve as a nation.
Doesn't it just make you say even more:

Even so COME Lord Jesus!


Susan said...

I couldn't agree with you more, Starr! We hear it all here in Canada, with a liberal slant toward Obama.

We just had our own federal election this week, on Tuesday. Canada's government can call an election at almost any time, so our prime minister (a good, Conservative friend of George W. Bush) called an election to try and get a conservative majority in the parliament before the US election. He is still PM, but the liberals gained more seats, instead of losing. So now he has to fight even harder for his policies than before - and believe me, he has to fight here.

Anyway, our campaigning and election were done in 6 weeks. It's great! LOL Canadians don't understand the loooonnnngggg American political process, and I must say I don't either. I just have to say "that's the way it is."

And I am SO glad that whatever happens it is no surprise to God and He is still in control. Amen!

Judy said...

Things are rapidly coming together for the return of our Lord to take His Bride Home! I can't wait! Will visit your blog again. God Bless!