Saturday, October 18, 2008


Papa and Darren. I love this picture. It is big Darren (my hubby) and little Darren (my grandson). I always tell little Darren he's my favorite little boy and Papa's my favorite big boy!

Little Darren (3 yrs old) said the the absolute funniest thing I've ever heard a little one say, the other night. My hubby had been out of town all week, and to celebrate his home coming, our grandson spent the night with us. We both absolutely adore him and will do anything to spend a little time with him. He lives next door, and after dinner last night, he came walking through the door with his little, Cars back pack on wheels. You could tell he was in high gear, all excited for an evening of play with Papa and MooMoo. We played on the floor for a while, pretending to be dinosaurs, roaring at one another, scaring one another and running away. Then I gave him piggy back rides and airplane rides on my feet while I was laying on my back. I get such a kick out his giggle when he is tickled about something. He seems to have appointed himself as my personal comedian lately! He will do anything to tease me or get me to laugh or play along with him. Anyway, I said to him, "Why don't we get jammies on?" He of course, wanted to "do it himself." I showed him how the tag on the bottoms went in the back by his bootie and the tag on the shirt went behind his neck and he thought that was pretty neat. I'm sure his Daddy and Mommy have already shown him that, but he got a kick out of it anyway! After he got his jammies on, he walked out into the kitchen, stood by my pantry, paused for a moment, clapped his hands then rubbed them together, and said, "Well, let's get started!" haha I thought I would die laughing!! It was like he was saying, I have an agenda here people, and only a certain amount of time to get it accomplished! haha That kid is too much! He has me in stitches all the time over things he says.
But the best is when we are laying down for nap time together and he looks at me and smiles, then reaches over and rubs my cheek and says "MooMoo, you're so pretty, I love you." That thrills my heart for more than one reason: One - He has heard his Daddy say that to his Mommy and two - it shows, even at his tender age of 3, a love and compassion for people, a caring heart. That will be such a benefit to him in his adult years, if the Lord doesn't return before then.
I'm telling you, grandkids are just the best! I'm so thankful to the Lord, every day for my precious grandbabies! They bring such joy to our lives, and smiles to our faces.


Tori said...

Ohh, that's precious!!
You're truly blessed and he's a cutie!

Starr said...

I am indeed blessed Tori! Thanks for stopping by!

Mrs. Julie Fink said...

How precious! Thanks for sharing.

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

You're so right....grandkids will get next to you when no one else can! ha We only have one grandbaby but are expecting another one next month. Our granddaughter...also 3 years old.... spent the night with us this week. I really enjoyed her but if I had given her airplane rides on my feet while I was laying on my you did for Darren....I would probably still be lying there! ha I can't even pick her up without having an aching back the next day. I do envy your athletic ability!

God bless!


God's Girl said...

I just stopped by to say hello to a fellow pastor's wife. : )

I pray that the Lord blesses you in amazing ways!

All for Jesus,